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What is security? Why is security a necessity for operation?

(pages last updated on 15 May 06)

The starting point for the successful management and direction of security is the comprehension of the relevant fundamentals. This is essential for the management of broader complexes that adapts to different environments and changing circumstances.

YSecurity offers intelligible explanations as to what security is and why it is necessary for operation. YSecurity defines security in universally applicable and beneficial way. Knowing "what" and "why" it is easy to answer the question "how". Without knowing "what" and "why" it is impossible to reasonably answer "how".

YSecurity challenges the traditional corporate security way of thinking. However, YSecurity and corporate security are not rival explanations of the same phenomenon. Corporate security is basicly a structured list of measures and arrangements that aims at answering the question "how".

YSecurity stresses the importance of comprehension of fundamentals and closes the gap between risk management perspective and the view that considers the perceptions of the individual members of community.

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