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8 May 06 The complete ASIS European Security Conference 2006 presentation "Security in the Community Context" is now available with animations included. Unfortunately, the size of the file is quite large at the moment.
7 Mar 06 English version of the site updated (contents for Main page, News, Model 1, Reference and Material added).
27 Feb 06 Application for Estimate of Multiple Adversary Sequence Interruption will be covered at an educational session arranged by the Helsinki Region Chamber of Commerce.
19 Feb 06 Links added in the Finnish version.
13 Feb 06 The forum is now open for questions and discussion about YSecurity and security and risk management issues in general.
4 Feb 06 Site updated and material added in the Finnish version.
22 Jan 06 YSecurity (Security in the Community Context) will be covered in an educational session at the ASIS International European Security Conference 23 - 26 Jul 2006. See conference home for more information.

1 Jan 06

The site is now open for the public but is mostly in the construction phase. Lots of material will be added in the near future.
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